Quilt Challenge 2014

The 2014 Quilt Challenge is presented by Greenbaum's Quilted Forest
First prize will be a $100 gift certificate! 

Download your entry form on our forms page!

This year’s challenge fabric is Pristine Poppy  in Poppy by Joel Dewberry, part of the Notting Hill Voile collection. This fabric is available for purchase at Greenbaum’s Quilted Forest in Salem. Call your local fabric store for availability.

Challenge Rules
1) At least one fat quarter of the challenge fabric must be used as an integral part of the quilt and must appear in the body of the quilt
2) Any amount of any other fabric may be used. 
3) Quilts may be any shape, but no larger than 36”x36”
4) Each quilt must have a finished sleeve of 4” attached to the top back for hanging
5) A fabric identification label must be securely sewn to a bottom back corner with the same full name and address as it appears on the entry form as well as the title of the entry.
6) Panels, pre-printed pieces and unfinished quilts will not be accepted.
7) By definition, a quilt is two layers of fabric with a filling that is stitched together with lines or a pattern.  Quilting must be done by hand or machine.  Tied quilts do not meet the definition of a quilt for this challenge.

Quilts must be submitted with an entry form and $10 fee by January 3rd, 2014.
Please attach a 3x5 color photo of your quilt to your form.
Quilts may be picked up on January 27th between 11am and 3pm.