Entry Rules and Guidelines

Please visit our Forms page for the Quilt Show Entry Form. Please read the form and the following information carefully!

  • Quilts must be at least 24” x 36” and may not exceed 96” in width or length. 
  • All quilts require a 4” wide finished sleeve along the top edge. 
  • Quilts must have a fabric label stitched to the back of each quilt, at or near a bottom corner.  Include the quilt name and the exhibitor’s name
  • Panels, pre-printed pieces and unfinished quilts will not be accepted for regular display. By definition, a quilt is two layers of fabric with a filling that is stitched together with lines or a pattern.  Quilting must be done by hand or machine.  Tied quilts do not meet the definition of a quilt for this show.
  • A claim check will be issued at the time quilts are delivered to The Oregon Garden.
  • Insurance is the sole responsibility of the entrant.  The Oregon Garden assumes no liability for the quilts and cannot be held responsible in the unlikely event that a quilt is damaged or lost.  Staff and volunteers will be on hand throughout the show. The Pavilion will be locked during the overnight hours.
  •  Quilts may be photographed by The Oregon Garden or show attendees.  Submission of a quilt to The Oregon Garden Stitches in Bloom show constitutes permission by the quilter/owner for such photographs.
  •  Quilts may not have been shown in a previous Stitches in Bloom show.

Please Note:
 Entry forms must be filled out, signed and accompanied by a photo and payment of $10 per entry. Quilt entries include admission to Stitches in Bloom & The  Garden.  

Stitches in Bloom reserves the right to reject any quilt that does not meet the criteria stated above.